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brooklyn (part 1)

liz lamoreux

i just kept thinking about the cosby show . brooklyn, august 2011

the conversation started a few months ago after i saw a note on twitter that made me think, "i'm going to call that girl today." so i picked up the phone and dialed jen lee's number and within moments we were right into the good stuff. we shared stories and ideas and laughed and said "me too" and talked about the work we most want to be doing.

and then we talked some more and a plan began to form that sounded a bit like, "i think you might need to come to brooklyn this summer so you can work on this."

and i stood in my kitchen and the thoughts ran into each other and were filled with phrases like, "i could just get on a plane. by myself. and head across the country to new york city? i could make this choice for myself and my business and work with a friend on a new project just like that? i could ask jon to watch ellie jane during some of his last days of summer break while i do this?" 

the response to all these questions and the others that followed was always: yes. just like that. you can make that choice.

so that is how i found myself in brooklyn in the middle of august in the humidity and the rain and the i might be melting through my clothes but i am so living this dream into reality truths and the stories and the beauty and the moments of feeling deeply seen and the moments of standing inside what i most need to look at and sift through and notice.

good stuff. all of it. good stuff.