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bits and pieces from this week.

liz lamoreux


right now, i can hear the refrigerator, a clock ticking, birds chirp chirp chirping, my somewhat heavy inhales and exhales, my fingers quickly moving across this keyboard.

we are shifting wildly from sun to grey and pouring these days. sometimes within the same five minutes. it feels like indiana because it is like that insistent spring burst of rain that happens in the midwest.

i have a few blogging friends lined up to guest post here while i am experiencing those first few weeks of being a new mom next month. if you might be interested in guest posting, send me an email (just click the email link in the sidebar) and i will let you know the details.

the outtakes from my "reveal" video crack me up. creating that video took so many attempts, partly because i didn't write anything down and found myself rambling when i wanted to be short, sweet, and to the point. i forced myself to relax by just keeping the video going and making funny faces and then breathing before starting again. i highly recommend it (and would love to see your outtakes when you have some).

i am almost done rereading robert fulghum's book From Beginning to End. the rhythm of his writing invites me to take a deep breath and slow down. did you know that he has an online journal of sorts? this post really captivated me when i revisited his website over the weekend.

just discovered this delightful shop. loving katie's journals and prompts and invitation to share your story. yes yes yes.

and a little reminder that i am closing my etsy shop (for a few weeks) sometime next week in anticipation of the little one's arrival. there is still free shipping at the shop (and you can still use the special blog reader savings code from the gratitude post a few posts back to save an additional 15%).

i think these list posts are just easier for me right now as my mind feels a bit scattered with all the little things we are trying to get done. though, i have tried to finish this post about six times in two days, so maybe the lists are even too much at times. but, there is something to this checking in with myself, with you, to see where i am in this moment. and in this moment, i am breathing deeply and trusting. (where are you?)