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because coffee makes me happy {i heart makers}

liz lamoreux

This print from LetterSpeak says it all really, yes?

I'm having a bit of a love affair with coffee these days. About a year ago, we had to break up because we simply did not get along. Then I was able to switch over to cold brew, which I still love and drink most mornings. It's lower in acidity, which is a very good thing for my body. After my long break from regularly brewed hot coffee, we seem to be getting back together. Thank goodness. So I thought I'd do an I Heart Makers post that simply celebrates coffee.

I think "but first coffee" started out as a hashtag on Instagram. (This is something I need to Google.) Wherever it began, it makes me happy every time I see it. This t-shirt from MoodCatz delights me. I love the neckline and the bat sleeves. Also love this mug and this print.

Love the colors on this print from Benton Park Prints. I want to hang it in the coffee cart in my imaginery loft meets studio meets place where I hold workshops.

This ceramic pourover cone from Jennifer Creighton is gorgeous and comes in several colors.

I've probably mentioned a few times that this print of a quote from Johnny Cash by Hey There Design is one of my all-time favorite finds.

This Madagascar vanilla cold brew coffee syrup from Dave's Coffee sounds so good.

And this mug by small glow is on my wish list because I think my coffee would be very happy inside it. (It's also possible that this brilliant Dolly Parton meets coffee print is also on my wish list.)

An invitation: Are you a maker? Share a little about you and your shop with a link to your site in the comments so I can visit. Would love to possibly feature you in a future post.

Note that some of these links are affiliates, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase through the link. All photos are copyright to the makers mentioned.

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