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liz lamoreux

I am grateful for:

the emails and comments I received this week after I wrote about my grief and the anniversary of my grandmother's death. My friend and I talked about this idea that you sometimes wish you could wear a sign that says, "I am grieving today." This way people could be gentle with you. My blog became my way to do that on Wednesday. Thank you for understanding and holding me in your strength and friendship. I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

that my brother was born 25 years ago yesterday. We are in Portland visiting him this weekend. It was great to have a quick glimpse into his "rock start" life when we were able to stop in and see him in action recording a band at Jackpot Recording Studio. And great to catch up over dinner and meet a couple of his friends. You can check out some of his projects here (though you won't exactly find him on here because even though this is his site, he is that behind the scenes guy a lot of the time) and here (this is one of the bands he is a part of; he has recorded, mixed, and done all that other stuff I don't understand to all the music you will hear here) and here (he is the new drummer for this local Portland band). This morning he is already back to work, so Jon and I have the day to explore Portland which leads me to...

that we will be spending the afternoon at Powell's Books TODAY!!! I have been hearing about Powell's for years now. And. today. is. the. day. when. I. finally. will. visit. this. incredible. book. store. Stay tuned for more...

the connections I am making in blog world that are becoming friendships in the real world. The emails, and phone conversations, and "meetings" in person are just making my heart so happy. A few:

  • Being part of the justBe creative team! I am having so much fun talking with Melanie (aka Melba) on the phone and emailing with the rest of the creative team.
  • Last Sunday I connected with Letha. Words cannot describe what it is like to have that moment when you connect with someone in a heart-full, soul-full way but you know when you do. Her artwork is gorgeous, and it was a joy to listen to her explain her pieces for the show she has in August. And the stories behind the vintage fabric she is using for the clothes in her new boutique...very cool. We are going to get together for our own little mini-artfest days and I can't wait!
  • Today I hope to connect with Alexandra at Powell's. And tonight Jon and I are having dinner with Laini and Jim and Kelly and her husband John. I am so excited to connect with everyone that I popped out of bed this morning when I remembered we were in Portland (please note: after a very late night...well, late for me) and couldn't go back to sleep.

that so many people are sharing poetry on Thursdays!

that I gave my dad the link to my blog a few weeks ago. Hi Dad. Thanks for reading...