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a week of color: green {and SPC}

liz lamoreux

continuing with color week and bringing in the earth for self-portrait challenge.

i have always felt drawn to the earth element. i believe this is because i constantly seek that feeling of being grounded.

green earth

the earth, literally and spiritually, grounds me.

and green is a color of summer. the plants that grow and bend and bloom in our backyard are a true color pallete of green. right now, i think of the hydrangeas as being green ready to burst into purple, blue, and pink...

hydrangea green

hydrangea green wishing purple

over the past few months, a part of me seems to be calling green into my life. some traditions say that green in the color of the heart chakra. i remember that the day i saw my grandmother after she died, i felt as though my heart was broken, and afterwards, i could easily and quickly tap into that physical feeling when i thought of her, when my mind and heart were lost in the grief. about a year later, i think my calling to green began. when my mom and i went to sedona in february, one of my spa treatments was called the soul seeker. the woman who did the treatment worked on releasing past pain in my throat and my heart. since that day, my heart has not hurt. i still grieve, but i do not feel the sharp, physical, breath-catching pain in my heart. since then, i find myself drawn to green jewelry and clothing; perhaps they are talismans to remind me to let my heart breathe and open.


updated in 2011: Self-Portrait Challenge (SPC) was a website that encouraged people to take and share self-portraits. I am sad to report that it no longer has an active website, so I have removed links that appeared in the posts connected to my participation in this project.