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a week in the life

liz lamoreux


a week in the life


Ali's Week in the Life project makes me so happy every year. Last year was the first year I participated, and I did it by taking photos each day and sharing them on the blog. I think I am actually going to make a little book of them soon since I love all that was captured in that week last year (and how it represents so much of last summer).

This week, I thought I was going to be traveling home in the middle of the week, so I didn't plan to participate because I knew I would put too much pressure on myself to take photos during a time that would be stressful enough (i.e. traveling with a toddler). But then we stayed another week here at my mom's. But I spent most of the week working and didn't take too many photos that weren't self-portraits. BUT somewhere along the way I realized that what I was sharing on Instagram really was representative of our time here and it really made me happy. (Of course you will see that Ellie's grandparents are not in the photos above as I am respecting their privacy.)

So this is going to be the Week in the Life mosaic I add to Project Life when I catch up when we get home. Makes me smile so much.

And can I just tell you yet again how much I love Instagram? Seriously. It is beyond (BEYOND) my favorite social media site. I love seeing the photos that other's share, and I so appreciate the kind words and hearts people share with my glimpses from here. I love it. Like big. And it is an awesome way to keep up with my friends and kindreds and with people in the ecourses I am taking and teaching. (You can find me @lizelayne.)

I also really love sending postcards (to family and to myself) of my Instagram photos using Postagram. Are you using it yet? The quality is fantastic. And it is an easy quick way to send photos off to grandparents AND a fun size photo to add to Project Life or other journaling projects (as in they are finding there way into my Smash journals!). Just learned about their credits program because Sincerely (the parent company) sent me an email letting me know since I am buying so many. Love that kind of customer service.

Hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world...