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a week in august

liz lamoreux

week in august 7

earlier this month, my dad married a woman i have come to call my friend over the last few years. while we were in the PICU in July, it became clear that because of ellie's health, we would be unable to travel to their wedding. on one of those PICU days, i answered my dad's question of "how are you doing?" with "after all this is over, i might have to take a trip to the ocean and stand in front of the waves, before everyone else is awake, and yell how i am really feeling out into the universe." the next day, he called and said that he and anne had talked and they were wondering if they could come out the week after the wedding and take us all to the ocean (if ellie was able to take a shorter trip).

and to the ocean we went....

today, i am sharing a few of my favorite photos that really represent the goodness of our trip to me.

week in august 4

week in august 5

week in august 2

week in august 9

week in august 1

week in august 3

i stood there breathing it in

today . us . august 11

(all of these were taken with my Canon Rebel T1i but i had fun processing a few with picnik. though that sunset photo is straight out of the camera. you really must come to the oregon coast.)

(oh and yes, i did spend time standing at the waves sharing my feelings. i will share more about that soon.)