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a quick note (and a giveaway winner)

liz lamoreux

Thank you so much for sharing your brave, beautiful, and big-time inspiring creative dreams in the comments of the wishBIG ecamp giveaway post.

This evening, I gathered those dreams up into my arms and stood outside on my front step and said a blessing for those dreams and released them into the world (while adding one of my own). 

A big YES to all those dreams being lived into reality.


Giveaway: A comment was randomly chosen and the spot at wishBIG ecamp goes to Angela (comment 18). (Angela, I will be sending you an email soon to connect.)


And one more quick little note: If you are someone who is wanting to claim those dreams, someone who wants more creative play in her life, someone who wants to gather with some incredible people and take some juicy classes, I hope you will come along and join us at camp! It is gonna be good!