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a little helper

liz lamoreux

ellie jane helps jon make tacos

I have been meaning to do a post about life with Ellie Jane and the tools and books and toys that we are enjoying over here, but after saying, "I have got to tell other moms about this fun pod" yet again in my head this morning, I decided to finally write a post just about this magical red stool meets high chair without a seat meets mama's best helper ever.

It is one of the more expensive toddler items we have, but it has been so so worth it in just the five weeks we have had it.

We use it every day throughout the day. While I make breakfast, Ellie stands in it and nibbles on things. When I had to work on orders while Jon was working late, she played next to me (you might have spotted this before). 


We are at the point where she wants to get up in it. And this is a welcome companion to the always on the move energy she often has. I also really love how it keeps her safe when I need to open the oven or am making something on the stove.

It also helps Ellie see what is going on. She often wants to be held, but this way she can be part of what is going on and see everything I am doing (and my hands can be free). She stands in it at the table as well and we use it instead of a high chair at times because she doesn't always want to be "strapped in." She has such an inquisitive, determined spirit and I love how this little fun pod helps encourage her and support the ways she learns.

Can you tell I kind of love it? I just wanted to share in case you or someone you love might have a little one who could benefit from a helper like this one.

Oh and did you spot Millie in these photos? The fun pod also helps Ellie feed Millie snacks (when I'm not looking). I hear her giggle and turn around and see Mille snacking away while Ellie looks at me with eyes twinkling. Still trying to capture that with the camera.

PS A few other notes: I meant to also say that my mom and I looked at a few options for this type of stool, but because Ellie is so active, we didn't want to get one that she could climb out of. This one has four sides, so we have to lift her up, but she is a wee one still and probably will be for her toddler years because of her heart stuff, so it will be pretty easy to use it for years. It is very sturdy (and HEAVY, I slide it across the floor) and I have no worries at this point of her falling out or climbing out.