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a glimpse into poem it out

liz lamoreux

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As I continue to gather poems and prompts and other good things for (More) Poem It Out that begins on Monday, I feel neck-deep in the raw beauty and truth that is poetry. This course comes right from my heart to you because I know poetry can change your life. It has changed mine as it has given me a lifeline, a way to tell my story, and way to feel less alone. It is one of the handholds I turn to again and again to support me on this crazy, awesome path that is life.

Today, I want to share a glimpse into how I teach my ecourses. Throughout (More) Poem It Out, I will be sharing stories, poetry, and prompts through video. I do this because it is the closest I can get to feeling like I am sitting in a circle with you sharing in person. The following video is from the first week of my previous Poem It Out class.

(if you are having trouble seeing the video, click here to watch on vimeo)

And to be totally honest, when I record these videos, I feel like you are there. This is why I decided to create all new content with this next Poem It Out course. I wanted to start new conversations about new poets and new prompts and new stories.

As I talk about with my friend Jen Lee in our recent conversation on her Retrospective Podcast, I really feel like a companion for the people who show up to this space and begin to have a conversation with me on the blog, in my courses, through my newsletter, or in person at workshops and retreats.

It is a gift to me to be able to say to you: Here are some practices I use to feel more connected to myself, to life, to this moment. Here are some stories about how I use those practices and how I've stumbled and walked through grief and sat inside joy and decided to keep walking.

The Poem It Out ecourses are the way I share my most personal poetry adventures and create the space for you to open your heart to your own.

I hope you'll come along. 

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