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a corner of my studio

liz lamoreux

Finally added some goodness to the wall space above my studio altar. When my mom was here last week, we put up a lot (I mean A LOT) of photos + art in our home and in my studio. This corner of the studio was the last piece, and it is so meaningful to me. The artwork, aluminum Instagram prints (printed by PostalPix), and mirror really do tell a story.

First, Danielle Daniel's girl "Emily" reminds me of the little girl me, eyes wide observing everything. The stories Danielle tells in her artwork are so tender and brave and vulnerable and beautiful. When I bought this painting, I was thinking about Ellie, but when it arrived and I looked at it, I knew it really was me. (Visit Danielle's shop here.)


Second, Lori Portka's painting "Everything I Need" represents this moment to me and is a daily reminder to trust what I know. I love Lori's story about this painting and am so honored to have this girl and message in my studio. (Visit Lori's shop here.)

Third, the four aluminum prints are some of my favorite Instagram photos. They represent what I want to bring into my life right now and in the future: more travel, more teaching, more moments out in nature, and more putting pen to paper and writing my next book. Love that I could just put them right onto my wall with the little foam sticker that comes with them from PostalPix and they will be easy to change out as my intentions change. Actually thinking about creating a 9x9 grid of them on a wall inside.

Fourth, we have the happy mirror (found at a local art + craft store). There will be many self-portraits taken in this mirror, and it is a place for me to practice the mirror meditation

This corner truly is like a self-portrait of where I've been, where I am, and where I want to go. And each time I light a candle on my altar as I get ready to work for the day, I'll be able to take a moment and center with this goodness around me and then get to it (especially to the manifesting those intentions part).

Something Good from PostalPix

Delighted that PostalPix is sharing a coupon code so you can try them out today.

Use code lizpix20 to receive 20% off of your total order. The code is good through the end of day PST on Thursday 5/2.

I've used them to print out 4x4 photos for Project Life (shown to the left) and 8x8 photos that are now framed and on my wall. The quality is great, and it is such a fun, easy way to get those Instagram photos off of my phone.

This is also an easy way to send some photos to grandparents, and the aluminum prints would make great gifts as they come with a magnet on the back option too.