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ways to procrastinate one's desire to begin.

liz lamoreux


bench monday . september 7, 2009

1. upload photos to flickr
2. create new sets for flickr photos
3. check facebook
4. decide to categorize old photos into new flickr sets
5. make a new playlist on itunes
6. write another blog post
7. dance party for one
8. head to youtube to look up the song that started the dance party
9. dance again
10. order new candles
11. visit bloglines
12. remember a moment outside beason hall 16 years ago right about now
13. let everyone on facebook know you are procrastinating
14. finally choose a song for that video created weeks ago
15. isn't there any email?
16. google some really odd things
17. pause to drink some tea
18. contemplate a tattoo.
19. sex. (just sayin'.)
20. entertainment weekly
21. wish this was in the house so this list could go to a whole new level
22. still no email? oh good. facebook messages.
23. tweet. because, well, why would you not?
24. smile just sweet enough so your husband heads to BR
25. etsy? oh yes please.
26. decide that this might be in order. (and then take time head here for some snooping around)
27. remember that the shell collector is perfection, so think about buying this or this or this.
28. spend time inside the actor's studio with jason bateman. (notice how he seems smart and really wicked funny.)
29. just get this already. been talking about it for months.
30. flickr. yes. there must be something to see on flickr. why yes there is.
31. decide to take a bench monday shot. right now. (decide to also upload outtakes)
32. list all the above. and then share your list with the world.