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notes for the journey (august 18, 2009)

liz lamoreux

cake (resized)

cake for two . chocolate cafe, south bend, indiana . july 2009

if you were here today and we were meeting up for tea and chocolate cake for two, these are a few of the things i would tell you about as we talked the afternoon away...

jenna's post about envy. wow. this is a must read. a must. (i keep thinking about it and so want to discuss.)

dar's "on the go" project and description of said project is simply fantastic. (oh and her new hippy urban girl space makes me smile...)

maddie's ecourse, "Bones of a Poet ~ photography and the wonder of seeing" sounds so wonderful. this phrase from the class description, the course "will teach you how to encounter the world with all of your being," speaks right to the guts of me. yes. hope you will think about joining in on this beautiful experience. (and be sure to check out maddie's new internet home.)

jennifer's poetry in motion fills my heart with joy.

jonatha. saw her live again friday night. swoon. the triple door is a perfect venue. we had the best meal and then the best time listening (read singing along) to jonatha sing those songs we love. and it was such sweetness to be able to connect with her afterward. the works continues to play pretty constantly around these parts. yep. simply put: her music is part of my life soundtrack.

this movie. even if the nuances and poetry of the book were not completely captured, i can't stop thinking about this beautiful story. seeing it on the big screen yesterday was a gift in the midst of lots of doing (even if some of the doing involves procrastinating). am planning to reread the book very soon (want to join me?).

home. a beautiful new flickr group.

anything that you would share if we met for tea + cake?
do tell...