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this day.

liz lamoreux

in the light

oregon blue sky lightness . may 2009

i've been standing in the light today
soaking up the goodness
of love
dreams lived into reality
and some other really good things

pushing toward doing and pushing away procrastinating and self-loathing

i so often wanted to stop back here to this place in the last few days
but life
it just captured me
with a project taking longer than i planned
and long talks with jon about the stuff that is important to a partnership
and daydreaming
and major computer drama that turned out to be time consuming but then minor (in the sense that no files were lost)
and a wee bit of life drama
and some really good conversations with friends who listen and challenge and honor me and show me the way when i think i am in the dark (thank you)
and an artist date for two (more on that soon)
and a purchase that has me dancing a jig
and how the list goes on...

but today, after thinking a bit about that wee bit of life drama, i found myself coming back to how much i want to stand in the light. how i have a choice. how i choose to stand in the light.

and i remember. i am so blessed.
i am so very lucky to be living this life.
i am so lucky to understand that standing in the light is where i need to be.

OH!!!! and i want to let you know who won the giveaway! random.org choose the number 10. so stephanie (writer of the tenth comment), you are the winner of the custom apron! contact me (wayward tulip @ gmail dot com) for more info. thank you to all of you for your incredible list of blogs!!! i am having so much fun visiting them...

hope things are beautiful in your corner of the world...