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because {love thursday}

liz lamoreux

a photo that appeared in jonny's flickr photostream last evening.
he took it in our front yard when we had a brief break in the rain.
i gave him that frog about seven years ago.
sigh. there goes my heart.

because you seem to never mind when i sing my heart out in the car
because you embrace who i am (even when i haven't showered)
because you make sure i eat every night
because you annoy me until i remember to stop taking things so seriously
because you spent your spring break in the midst of a movie that might rival elizabethtown
because you say things like whatever you need to do when i ask you if i should get a nose ring, or a tatoo, or how the list goes on
because you send me emails in the middle of the day so i feel less alone
because you believe i can
because you remembered

these are (some of) the reasons
i adore you.