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tell me something really good.

liz lamoreux

miss maggie

miss maggie may (my dad's cockapoo) . may 2009

i am still in indiana. i came to attend my high school reunion (i had the best time!) and after the reunion ended, my body seemed to give a sigh of relief that it could give into the illness that had been clearly hanging on for a bit.

asthmatic bronchitis. two inhalers. a big dose of antibiotics. trying to sleep in between what seem to be asthma-like attacks. (which, by the way, are more than a bit scary. those of you with asthma know. scary to wake up with no breath available.) this is the second time i have had something like this in six months. hmmm. i am not enjoying this one bit. (and wondering what is up with this second bout.)

was supposed to fly home yesterday but the doctor gave that a no go. hopefully friday. i am not doing all that great in this moment. i wish i was home in my own bed. i miss jonny and millie. but my dad and his girlfriend are being great, as is my mom. i feel loved, even though i feel like crapola. and even if i don't have my favorite sweater i wear when i am sick, i do have one of my dad's to wear, which is almost as good (insert very weak smile here). and even though i don't have millie curled up against my leg, i do have the companionship of the sweet, soft, and silly cockapoo pictured above. maggie. she is some kind of cute. and, in the way that dogs often do, she seems to get i am not feeling well and is staying pretty close to my side.

so, all this leads me to say this: tell me something good about your world. tell me a funny story. what made you happy today? last week? who/what is inspiring you? what are you reading? what flowers are blooming (or what color are the leaves outside your window)?

tell me something really good. i need to soak up the goodness...

(thank you)