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five (really) good things on a monday

liz lamoreux


seaview blooms . may 10, 2009

1) the last of the blooming trees are smiling down on us here in the pacific northwest. i have been simply swooning this year at the blooms. for the last week i keep saying to jon, those pink trees are pregnant with blooms. it is true. i can't seem to stop saying that. hmmm...

2) speaking of pregnant, i am beyond excited that later this week i will be spending time with some dear friends who spent time in the world of pregnancy last year and this year...and i will be meeting their beautiful babes. it is going to be a real joy to look into the faces of these friends who are now mothers and then to hold the babies they have brought into this world.

3) i bought some new clothes and stuff to take with me on this trip and i have to rave about two etsy purchases. the first is the shell collector dress from gaia conceptions. oh. my. goodness. i adore this dress (i bought it in purple.) when i saw jen wearing it last month in portland, i knew it had to be mine. this dress is so well made and so soft and flattering. another item i bought is this pouch in chartreuse by yorktown road...and it is delightful in person! loving carol's etsy shop and her flickr photos.

4) taking a quick trip to the coast this weekend with jonny was so good for the soul. driving and talking and singing (jon even joined in with this song [this video is fantastic fun!], which has become a new favorite of mine...a perfect driving song really) and connecting with people in manzanita (as i continue to work on the details of upcoming retreats and plan new ones). having these moments of goodness to add to the mix, well, i am very thankful for these moments.

5) the new jewelry at l'essence du monde. jen has reopened her shop, and these necklaces make me think of a summer evening party in the backyard with lanterns hanging and a white t-shirt and fun below-the-knee skirt with a happy pattern and orange flip flops and friends and laughter and good food and lemon drops and how the list goes on. these earrings are my current everyday favorites (i have them in brass). and i love wearing one of these necklaces with my soul mantra necklaces as some days i just have to layer necklace upon necklace.

oh but wait, one more really good thing i have to share:
the new star trek movie. loved it. i am a big (BIG) star trek TNG fan. my brother and i might have gone to a convention back in the 90s. my husband (then boyfriend) might have begun to fall in love with me when he realized i knew who brent spiner is. separate from all that (since i am guessing you probably have no idea what i am talking about), this is just really a good movie. you should go see it. seriously.

what are five really good things in your world?
i dare you to name them.