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. unearth: registration has begun .

liz lamoreux

(a be present retreat)

October 14-18, 2009

Registration for the Fall 2009 Be Present Retreat has begun!

This October, we will gather in Manzanita, Oregon and spend three days exploring the theme of unearth through workshops that will include painting and creating with mixed media, photography, writing, and yoga.


Unearthing Your Most Precious Hidden Layers
Unearthing Your Messy, Creative, Painterly Self
Unearthing This Moment: Body, Mind, Heart
with Liz Lamoreux


There is so much I want to say about this theme and the classes we have dreamed up for this fall. While Kelly, Andrea, and I were brainstorming this theme, I sent them a paragraph of an image that kept coming to me. I wrote...

When thinking about our theme of "unearth," this image comes to mind: My grandmother had a ritual of walking around her backyard in the early morning. Closing my eyes, I see her at different times of the year: Pushing aside the dead leaves of winter to look for any new growth. Peeking under the huge pine tree to see if the lily of the valley or trilliums were blooming yet. Leaning over in the small wooded area to pick violets to put in a jelly jar on the kitchen windowsill. Snipping off the wilted blooms so that new blooms could grow. When I would visit my grandparents as a teenager and then as a college student, she would push me to join her. There was often such a bite in the early morning air and heavy dew on the grass, so I was sometimes resistent, just wanting breakfast or to go back to bed or how the list goes on. I didn't realize at the time that she was letting me in on her personal practice. As spring has started arriving this year, I have thought about the unearthing she was doing during these walks as she would literally look for new growth and discard the "dead stuff" but also as she would give herself the space to look inward without distractions during this time alone where she seemed to feel most at home with herself.

In this fall retreat, we will explore tools to add to our personal and creative practices as we unearth our authentic voices. We will discover our core values, begin to listen to the whispers that say we are creative beings, and seek a balance within as we let go of distractions and connect.
We hope you will join us on this adventure! Find out more at the be present retreats site.

Many blessings,