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five (really) really good things (a guest post from kelly b)

liz lamoreux

clancy and kelly sporting new sharpie tatts, photo by kelly

I thought of doing a cheer to introduce myself, but I wasn’t a cheerleader. Maybe a sorority song...sorry GDI all the way...or maybe a Buddhist style chant, well as much as I like to think I am, I really am not that enlightened. So I will stick with what I know and just give it to you straight:

I am the next guest blogger for my dear sweet miss liz. I have slowly gotten to know liz over the past couple of years, via our blogz and last year I was blessed when I got to finally meet up with her at squam. To say the least I have fallen in love with the girl. I wear her aprons, scarves and mantra necklaces and when I do, they make me feel like I can conquer the world.

Where liz is soft and kind, I am a bit loud and silly. Liz is studious [she edits], I am not! liz drives a bug and I drive a vue. But we meet in the middle sharing our love of vintage finds, pretty necklaces, giggling, a deep love for our grandparents and our home state of Indiana. One day we are going to sneak off and rent a beach house on the ocean..right girlie!!

Since it is good Friday – how about five really REALLY good things:

1) if you haven’t heard of jeremy sweet – his name says it all. he is one sweet artist. Check out his new screen prints and other art work. sueno is one of my favorites…

2) don’t forget to submit your artwork for the squam art show! if you attended last September, then please submit. liz and susan are working so hard to make this happen for us. Plus you get to show in a real gallery…seriously – get off your duff and do it!

3) Looking for something black and white – check out my new find: megan auman. Her jewelry and sculpture objects can be found on etsy. They are bitchin’.

4) Have you seen the little terrariums at made by mavis? The greens of the moss make me drool.

5) …and my last really good thing is not a link. It just a shout out to each of the chicks who rock my everyday. I am so blessed that I get to hang with you whether it is, taking out the tandem road bike, belly laughing through lunch, watching you hold your new great niece, catching up on the phone because I am in the Midwest and well, you aren’t, or just keeping in touch through the blog lines.

On this good Friday, so much goodness in my life! peace. out.

(we would love to hear about your really good things. please share one or two or five in the comments)


Kelly Barton has a warped .crazy .colorful mind, is happiest when she is creating in her attic studio, and truly believes in world peace. She dreams one day of living in warmer lands, listening to the crashing waves, as the sun beams down upon her face. She blogs over at camp indigo and her shop is the happy girl over at etsy. She would love for you to come visit…..seriously – anytime.