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november 3

liz lamoreux

nov 1

autumn sky above puget sound . november 2009

i want to show up and say something here. but the words are jumbled in my brain and the need to "say something inspiring" is bugging me with its insistent little ways. maybe i will just share some random thoughts that are skipping across my brain this evening. i am so grateful for friends who listen while i babble and then share just that piece of insight that has me nodding knowing i am heard and understood. chocolate pudding is making me very happy. i had butterscotch pudding while in the emergency room friday night (i am okay. long story involving choking on a cracker. sigh. always something.) and ever since i have been having seconds of cravings for pudding. might have to have another bit of pudding in a few moments. millie sleeps so much and i am a little jealous of how she can just curl up and start snoring. jon is kind of the same way. napping i have down, but getting to sleep at night is not so easy lately. brain will not stop flitting here and there and across the way. reading the notes on facebook and blogs and emails from the women who experienced the unearth retreat are like the flashlight i need to know i am on the right path. i am so grateful for them. i keep wishing i could call my grandmother in the middle of the day. i want her advice right now. a little part of me wishes we were going to walt disney world soon. i just kind of want to sit in epcot and listen to the music and just be. though i admit that there is something odd about a woman who wants to go to wdw to "just be." maybe i should change that image to maui. yes. maui would be perfection. i could watch for whales and someone could bring me drinks with fruit and i could just be. want to join me? universe, i put out there that i would love to find a way to write the rest of my book while on a beach somewhere. watching for whales and eating fruit, lots of fruit. yes. perfection.

thanks for listening.

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