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liz lamoreux

beach heart
hug point, oregon . september 2009


goodness, i cannot believe it has been so long since i have been to this spot to share some things. life is full. and i think i am in the mood for a list:


1. unearth, a be present retreat, begins in just three days!
2. i currently cannot get enough hot water + fresh lemon juice.
3. i quilted twelve new selma patchwork scarves today.
4. this darling girl arrives tomorrow.
5. i have been sick since coming home from squam (see #2 above).
6. i am learning to let go instead of needing to explain when people make assumptions.
7. my parents really are quite wonderful.
8. this dear friend (and assistant extraordinaire) arrives tuesday.
9. can't forget to buy tea lights.
10. rooting myself in ritual and a sense of daily routine is the way to more nurturing right now.
11. when millie sleeps against me, i just sleep better.
12. i wish our house had an extra 300 square feet. even 100 would be a dream.
13. seeing contributor artwork, poetry, photography for the book...well, this is making me so happy.
14. i am blessed to have the most incredible circle of friends. (i do know this.)
15. being seen, well, that is what it is all about i think.
16. being heard is pretty good too. (thank you)
17. this song is filling up my heart.
18. it is 7:30ish and i am already in bed, on my way to sleep soon (see #5).
19. because of #4 and #8 above all the final touches for #1 will be ready.
20. i cannot wait to breathe in the ocean on tuesday (partly because it is there that i most feel her beside me).
21. love, even (especially) in the moments of stress, is a gift i am deeply understanding.
22. i am so behind on email and that is just how it has to be right now.
23. apollo 13 is one of my favorite movies. (watched it yesterday.)
24. a sneak peek of the march be present retreat is up here!
25. going to (re)read a little of this before drifting off to sleep.


what's going on in your world?
i would really love to know.