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life is full. and good. and really, really busy.

liz lamoreux

letters appear

during the last few weeks, my life has been full of creating.

lots and lots of creating.

aging brass

in august, i began listening to my own advice and started creating things that made me happy...not really focusing on "will this sell?" instead focusing on "does creating this make me happy?" i found a rhythm creating aprons and scarves and necklaces and a few bags before heading to squam.

right sides together

and at squam, it seems that my joy about what i had created was a bit contagious as those lovely squamlettes proceeded to buy me out of almost everything i brought with me.

it was pretty amazing.

you see, this experience at squam was my first time with such a positive response that also involved people buying. (insert silly smiley face here.)

the thing is, i haven't often talked about the downsides of figuring out the etsy world or vending at an event that doesn't go that well. how does one talk about that in such a public forum? so i share this not to say, look at me!! but instead to say: do what you love. listen to yourself...really listen to yourself. do what brings a wide, real smile to your face. create what makes your heart fill with joy.


the momentum to keep creating and sharing the joys of this creating that has been swirling inside me lately has meant that i am updating my shop more often. (a big thank you to those of you who have visited my shop and found something that speaks to you...thank you all so very much.)

and it has meant that i have been attempting to balance my "day" job, life, orders, family and friends, creating items for the little room, and...well...everything else in between. it has been a bit hectic around here...but hectic in a good way.

getting organized

and some exciting things are happening.

in this moment, my heart is so full of the goodness and the blessings of this life.

this post is peppered with photos from my sunday: creating new pendants, sewing up the little fabric bags my items now come packaged inside, packaging items up to take to the post office, taking photos of items for etsy, getting a wee bit organized...

ready to ship

so life is full and good. and i am riding the wave as it happens...letting myself enjoy the joy while also learning to set some boundaries...figuring out where i should seek advice and support...walking tall in my decisions as i do know what is best for me...embracing community in a new way...living...

stack of scarves

this afternoon, i gave myself a treat of a (high-maintenance) pumpkin spice (soy, two-pump, no whip) latte as a little reward for getting six new selma patchwork scarves up in the shop and sending off quite a few packages at the post office (i love the postal workers at my local post office!).

coffee break

i hope you give yourself permission to reward yourself with a little treat when you need one too.