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liz lamoreux

If you lived down the street or across town, sometimes, in the middle of the day I would call and say, “I have to take a break from this. I need air. I need to get out of my head a bit. Want to join me?”

And, I would hop into my gunmetal gray Beetle and drive down the street or across town and pick you up. I would pick you up and we would go get coffee or visit King’s Books or take photos as we walk along Puget Sound. I would pick you up and we would get outside…we would talk and solve life’s problems and laugh until tears rolled down our faces.

If you lived down the street or across town and I came to pick you up, we would turn up the iPod and sing loudly as we drove to the park or Mandolin Café or to the Rhododendron Garden. We would sing and laugh and get it all out of our systems…

Yesterday, I was thinking about this when I took a break in the middle of the day and drove a few miles to a fabric store and then visited Borders. I was thinking about how I wish you were here. I was thinking about trying to capture what it was like to spend a bit of time with me yesterday when I decided on a whim to leave the house sans make-up, with my hair pulled back, and wearing my comfortable yoga clothes. When I decided to leave the house because I needed to "get out of my head" and into the world.

As I was out in the world…as I was driving...I was thinking about all this and decided to capture it, for you. Right here.

(the decision to “capture” the moment was more than a little inspired by this beautiful spirit)