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home. happy and exhausted.

liz lamoreux

sign and part of booth

goodness what an amazing show the farm chicks put on. a fun time had by all surrounded by the most wonderful women! (i will share links and other fun things over the next few days.)

i've been home since 1 AM yesterday and i am a bit exhausted though as i am sure most vendors are. and even though it was 32 years old that i turned on saturday, i am feeling a bit more like i turned a few years older than that. while driving home, my helper extraordinaire and good friend anne and i talked about how we ached like two women just a bit older than ourselves (that is we talked about that when we weren't singing billy joel or lionel richie or fleetwood mac or the indigo girls or prince.... while trying to stay awake). set up took one day. tear down took two hours. enough said on that i think. wow.

booth 2

i really loved how the booth turned out. it truly was a little room. and we now know that a ford expedition (rented for the occasion) does indeed have enough space to hold the contents of a little room and two people.

i have much more to share but need to keep taking naps and working my full-time job and taking more naps and fighting off this cold that is trying to settle in and unpacking and patting my sewing machine on the head for a job well done so that she doesn't feel neglected when i don't sit with her late into the night for a while. i have many emails to respond to and phone calls to return. if you are reading this, you know who you are, and thanks for your kind understanding in how long it is going to take me to do those things because i need to take a few more naps than usual...like right now. i am taking my new vintage quilt and going back to bed after i post this.

i wanted to check in though to let you know that the show went really well. i learned so much and had the best time! i met some amazing people. sending natasha aprons and maude bags and other creations out into the world while connecting face to face with people was really wonderful. i also wanted to check in to say how much i appreciate all your support these last few weeks as i worked so hard in preparation. (thank you.)

about to begin

it is nice to come home with a few things (i made so many items. when we had them all out, i just looked around in amazement as i didn't quite realize all the work i had done until seeing everything in its perfect spot). and, i am starting to add these items to my little etsy shop.

patchwork pillows have begun to appear (i can't stop making them...they are too much fun and i will share some photos tomorrow but you can probably see a few glimpses in these photos). pin cushions will be coming later today, followed by some bags and aprons later this week. i will also share some new designs with you that debuted at the farm chicks show.

thanks again for your support...well, thanks for everything really.