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liz lamoreux

vintage twine and spool

in between sewing fabric together and running errands and spending time with jonny and breathing in the sunshine for just a few minutes at a time and solving the problems of the world with my friend heather while she tolerates the whir of the sewing machine as we talk on the phone and spray painting display pieces and crossing items off my "to do" list with a smile on my face and winding vintage twine onto spools and trying not to panic and waking up in the middle of the night with a mind abuzz and deciding to just go ahead and start working for three hours as the birds chirp before the sun comes up and emailing with a dear friend and watching movies while hand sewing and eating dinner with friends and hoping and trusting and believing and laughing and so many other things, i have been taking dance breaks while getting my groove on listening to this.

(you should take one. right now. go on. dare you.)