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a wednesday post...on a thursday morning

liz lamoreux

living room blooms

i had intended to post yesterday...but i went to bed when it was still light out because i was exhausted and fighting a bit of an intense "the only thing that will work is to get into bed with the covers up to your nose" headache. maybe there will be two posts today...stay tuned.

this morning i feel much better.

and yesterday morning i felt really good too. it seems that getting up early, eating breakfast with intention, and then getting out of my usual office clothes i wear until early afternoon (aka pajamas) and into the shower and then into some clothes i love is key to that feeling better feeling right now. my plate is pretty full at the moment...life is pretty full. and that is a gorgeous, happy thing. but it can also feel like a big old pile of stress at times. so self-care has become pretty key. self-care while also working during every available hour.

although sometimes those hours fill up with the ways i find to procrastinate. but that's the way it is for some of us...(thanks to those of you nodding in understanding). that procrastination can come in many forms but often it is through looking at blogs and lately at other vendors who will be at the farm chicks show...and suddenly the self-doubt creeps in. the procrastination that can be a tool for motivation becomes food for the negative self-talk gremlin inside. so i try to find my breath, my balance again and come back to me and to what i know. lately, it hasn't been quite as difficult to do that. a true blessing.

sometimes i feel a bit like the irises jonny brought home for me over the weekend. at first, they just looked like green stalks standing tall. i wondered if they felt annoyed that i had put them in the vase with the tulips that were showing off with their full blooms and honey smell. but slowly they began to stretch and reveal a small peek of purple. and then when i woke up yesterday morning, they had decided to smile widely at me with their deep purple petals kissed with yellow. this is how it is sometimes. we have to be willing to come out of hiding to share the beauty that might be hidden or resting inside us.

i hope you take a breath and then share a bit of your beauty today...