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a day for wearing an apron

liz lamoreux


i found out about national apron day last year at the apronista. i think it is supposed to be the day after mother's day, but i haven't really heard any whisperings about it in blog world this year...but i am celebrating today all the same.

i suppose the real point it to wear your apron out in the world...but i am not so much getting out into the world today...however, i did wear my apron:

watching 30 minutes of marie antoinette and feeling quite inspired by the colors in that movie

dancing with millie while the indigo girls sang "virginia woolf"

getting started

choosing fabric for some patchwork

eating some m&ms dipped in peanut butter

changing from annoyed to grateful when thinking about the garbage truck waking me up so early this morning (because of it i was able to finish editing early enough to sew this afternoon)

making tea

thinking about what flowers i would like to plant in the pots outside

smiling when jonny emailed to say he would pick up some food for dinner

reading an email from a friend just checking in with me

in progress apron

creating a few aprons that will look like this one (though this is my favorite photo of that apron in action)

chatting on the phone with a friend

singing along with billy joel to his glass houses album while the sewing machine whirred

feeling hopeful and content