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blooming...a question.

liz lamoreux

camilla bloom

backyard bloom, april 2008

it can be very difficult to check in with ourselves when we are in the midst of living our lives. we have so many roles that we juggle and so many things to get done and we are pulled in this direction and in that way. it can be easy to forget ourselves. this can happen even when we might be in a place where we have time to do things that are "for us" (like creating and writing and taking photos and cooking on and on).

all the ideas and thoughts and hopes and dreams that tumble inside my heart and mind sometimes invite me to just want to take a nap. my wish that those dreams would become real now or my idea for a new design that takes over the energy i need to put into the current design i am working on can quickly change from inspiring to exhausting.

in the balancing of my full-time job with time with family and friends with living this creative life with trying to breathe, i can lose sight of what i am actually doing, how i am actually growing, how i am living in my life. it is hard to see when i am standing in the middle of it all...

today though, as the confused snow falls once again on the spring blossoms, this thought came to me:

how are you blooming?

it felt like an invitation to take out my moleskine and write an accounting of me. to write about where i am right now. it felt like an invitation to sit quietly and close my eyes and breathe and just notice. it felt like an invitation to honor me and where i am in a given moment in time.

i wonder if you might want to join me...

this is an invitation to let go of the shoulds and the pulls of others and things around you. this is an invitation to check in with yourself through writing an accounting or sitting quietly or whatever other way moves you.

this is an invitation to honor how you are blooming in your life.