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liz lamoreux

thrifted quilt

pausing when i walk into the family room throughout the day and see this quilt. looking for my favorite patchwork square…then i discover a new favorite, then a new one…how the game goes on. this one-person sized quilt was quite the find at a seattle thrift shop last month. i love it.

thinking about starting my own quilt soon (from these thrifted quilt pieces).

reading amy's blog today. i've enjoyed her blog and shop for a while now...and right now, her experience fostering a baby is beautiful to read about. (go check it out)

eating up every second of miss austen regrets. it is time for me to admit it: i. am. a. jane. austen. fanatic.

watching U2 3D. (yes, you should too)

tearing up with hope when watching this video. no matter who you plan to vote for (just please vote) or what "side" you might find yourself on, i think we can all get behind this message. (via kelly – thanks girl)

dancing around the house while listening to mr. buffett sing "one particular harbor."

spending hours snuggled up on the couch with the crochet hook and soft beautiful yarn. (one scarf created for someone who needs to stay warm…i'll be sending it miles away soon, one scarflette created just for me, and one afghan started and unraveled and started again)

brainstorming with a friend via email turning into a personal brainstorm celebration friday afternoon which turned into a poem. i love poetry.

feeling so blessed as i read your comments and emails about last week's self-portrait. (thank you for getting it. thank you for reaching out. thank you.)

cutting fabric to make a few new bags (like this one) and finally realizing that i need to invest in a cutting table…which leads me to...

experiencing insomnia because i keep rearranging the little room (my studio) in my mind while i try to figure out how in the heck i can fit anything else in there...

digging daisies new digs.

smelling honey in the form of fresh (pink) tulips throughout the house.

sketching new designs and writing down the stories as they come to me. i love it when this happens (and it doesn't always, so this is a good thing).