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tonight. a memory. and december views.

liz lamoreux

more tea

view of me this evening...this whole week really but with rotating sets of flannel pajamas

so this chest cold is really taking it out of me...
i have spent the last four days in my pajamas. i have been working my day job (thank goodness i do that one from home) and taking naps and drinking many many mugs of tea. but mostly i am grumpy and achey and am now losing my voice.

thank you so much for your tea recipes. i now have the ingredients for the ginger/honey/lemon tea and will be making it tomorrow. adding honey to my tea is soothing my throat. (thank goodness for a dear husband who goes to the store for me.)

and thank you so much for your orders from the shop...i deeply appreciate it and love that so many people are buying a few handmade gifts this year.

the collecting sea glass at ruby beach scarf

the collecting sea glass at ruby beach scarf

i did want to share one little thing with you that has been making me smile. i took some photos of the scarves on betty drawn across her like a sash (as you can see in the above photo). i wanted people to be able to see more of the patchwork. but every time i see one of these photos, i immediately start singing this song. i can't help myself. i don't even realize i am singing it (i sing in my head all the time...does anyone else do that?) until i find myself trying to remember the line of dialogue that comes after, "what is it katie nana?" somewhere there is a tape of mary poppins that my dad taped off the TV. you know the kind. the ones where he tried not to tape the commercials because we had no VCR remotes then so you would have to get up to fast forward through them if you taped them. so the picture on the screen jumps a bit signaling where the commercial began and ended. sometimes we missed a few seconds of the next scene. sometimes there was the last bit of a commercial. love it. i watched it over and over and over as a kid. i remember one day realizing, "no way. that is totally dick van dyke" playing that older man at the bank in one of the last scenes. love dick van dyke. i wanted him to be my friend when i was a kid. and i so wanted to dance with those penguins. and laugh my way up to the ceiling...oh how the list goes on.

okay...one more mug of tea and then i am going to bed.

tell me what is going on in your world...