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believing on the last day of november.

liz lamoreux

in front of the fire

I started to write a post about what I can't believe…how I can't believe that it is the end of November and I have written a post every single day…how I can't believe I have completed something I set out to do…

I started to write about what I can't believe.
But the thing is, I can believe it.

I can believe
that I posted every day in November.
that I found words to share in this space that feels like another type of home for me.
that the holidays are here and another year has almost passed as each year does as a life is lived.
in the stirrings of hope and possibility this month has given me.
in the connection of friendships found in this space, in this other type of home.
in the encircling of friends who see me.
that sharing pieces of the guts of my experience is one of the reasons I am here.

So I hope to post almost every day in December because posting every single day this month has reminded me of my early days of blogging when thinking things like "oh! I can blog this!" was a new sort of inner dialogue and I found great joy in coming to the empty screen and putting down the whispers that are inside me…

I will be embarking on December Views with Dar and a few other delightful souls (more information here) and sharing these whispers through images.

But while I look forward to sinking into the silence that comes with sharing images next month, I also want to sink into the sounds of this time of year…at least the sounds of my world. I plan to share a favorite holiday tune each day through Christmas Day because…well, because the soundtrack of the holidays is very much part of the soundtrack of my life and I want to share because it simply makes me so happy.

I also plan to share a gift ideas list (or two) as I have come across so many wondrous simple things as we attempt to buy handmade yet again this year. I had hoped to do that during the wordiness that was November but I guess other things needed to be shared. I will also let you know when I update the shop with scarves, patchwork aprons, and some other fun holiday-inspired creations. I am planning an update Monday, December 8th after my only holiday show, Urban Craft Uprising, next weekend (in Seattle at the Seattle Center on Saturday and Sunday; hope to see you there!!). However, if you see anything float across my flickr page this week that catches your eye, just send me an email.

Mostly though, I plan to be quiet in December while sharing little peeks into my world through images.

Blessings to you…and thank you so very much for visiting my little corner and staying for a bit.