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november 17.

liz lamoreux

all fall down

backyard maple, november 2008

tonight, i am feeling so toasty warm after a hot, hot shower and am nestled in my flannel pajamas, my hair wrapped in one of our new seaglass green towels. the air is tinged with the pleasant cloud of patchouli incense and millie has curled up near me after hearing the sounds of jonny getting ready for bed and realizing it is that time in the evening where she and i stay up a bit later. i am feeling just a slight wish for snow this evening, though it seldom falls here. i wish that we might wake up tomorrow to six inches and a snow day and time to just be together. though, at the same time, i am enjoying each shade of autumn that i see during the day outside my window. having only one car right now means i am taking jonny to school and getting out of the house during the early morning when the fog is still heavy and the sun is trying to smile. it is nice to get out of the house as i spend so much of it here, in this spot on this purple couch where i edit and blog and read and sew and how the list goes on. yes, it is nice to get out and see the reds and yellows and bits of green as they puddle onto the ground beneath wise oaks and standing tall maples amidst all those ever, ever green trees.