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yet another blog post in november

liz lamoreux

facebook statuses that could have been written by me today:


is wishing that there were fresh eggs so she could have two poached eggs and toast for breakfast...or is it lunch by now?

was totally able to get to etsy in time to buy the doll she wanted.

is emailing with maddie and wishing she was sitting here right now.

is still in her pajamas at 11 a.m.

is watching notre dame win.

is watching navy almost beat notre dame by scoring a whole lot of points in the last two minutes.

is kind of thinking navy deserved to win after that.

is sewing together a lot of scarves.

hopes january 20 gets here soon.

misses her friends so much it hurts.

is in love with purple today.

wishes she was sitting in jen's office and emailing her (even if we might be in the same room at the time).

is watching a whole lot of season two of the west wing (and is more than a little crushing on sam seaborn).

is really thankful jonny brought her lunch.

is beyond panicked about getting things ready for urban craft uprising.

is wondering what to do when people she doesn't know ask to be her friend on facebook.

is wishing she didn't have to be the one to torment millie with the eye medicine.

is loving the outfit she just put on.

cannot even believe that six years ago we were at our rehearsal dinner.

feels really loved when people say, "how are you?" and mean it.

has declared she will not be cooking the turkey on thanksgiving (so you know what that means...)

is wearing her new (sexy) black over-the-knee socks.

is kind of wishing she lived in an apartment...or maybe just had a little space somewhere just for her to go to during the day...or on those days when she needs to just be.

is eating homemade lasagna made by someone else (and loving it).

is enjoying laughter and good conversation.

is back to the part where she misses her friends.

is hoping to cut out lots of apron pockets tomorrow.

is smiling at an email she received.

wishes she had time to finish the ripple afghan (but MUST instead make aprons and scarves and bags and how the list goes on instead).

has to write a blog post before midnight.

is kind of ready to get to the part that involves pajamas and a pillow and cuddles.

has decided that it is simply time for bed.