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(bits of) november 12. [and two girls, two clicks. week 8]

liz lamoreux

apple a day

photo collaboration with miss geek inc, week 8
(click to see a larger version)
2 girls, 2 clicks


i was filled with wonder when watching this preview for pixar's up

i discovered i don't love the color pink when it means my puppy has pink eye

i smiled widely while checking out the weepies new video (via andrea)

i laughed out loud while talking with my mom on the phone

i learned a dear friend is moving close to my corner of the world (makes me so very happy)

i cried when i watched keith olbermann's commentary on prop 8 (minutes apart meri and ellen brought it to my attention)

i felt warm with each mug of numi's monkey king jasmine tea

i missed my beautiful girls so very much that i let myself pout a bit

i linked to blog friends in the above sentence in that way i find a bit pretentious

i allowed myself to own that i am loved

i deeply enjoyed reading each comment from my last post

i listened to daytime volume sing "something to chase"

i found myself a bit annoyed when my period key on my laptop kept sticking

i remembered how much i love it when jonny and i can just be side by side on the couch while each using our laptops

i decided that i think i am going to order this as i really do love a good cup of coffee in the morning (as i just cannot seem to make one in the drip coffee maker we have and i don't live close enough to jen to just walk over and drink one at her house)

i reminded myself that being here is the home of my heart


this friday, i plan to make a new batch of soul mantra pendants, and i wanted to let you know just in case you have been thinking about a custom necklace.

if you have your own soul mantra word/phrase in mind, please email me at waywardtulip at gmail dot com so that we can discuss it.

also, a few folks have mentioned that they like the layered look of the pendants (including with other jewelry they have), so if you ever want the chain length to be shorter or longer, remember, all you have to do is ask. thanks!