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thank you.

liz lamoreux

tea and lemon cupcake

a few delightful, kind, creative, spirited souls have awarded me with the "you make my day" award that has been floating around blog world for a few weeks now.

thank you.

today, i invite you over for tea and lemon cupcakes.

i invite you, yes, you sitting there still in your pajamas
and you wearing your long dark hair in two braids
and you taking a break from painting and taking photos and creating
and you warming up from fun in the snow with your children
and you curled up with your puppy beside you
and you drinking mint tea
and you laughing out loud
and you awake after everyone else is asleep
and you singing softly with bill withers
and you pursing your lips
and you rolling your eyes
and you fingering the hem of your favorite yellow t-shirt
and you looking out the window at the mountains before you
and you living to the south enjoying the smell of fresh flowers
and you living north underneath three quilts in your flannel nightgown
and you on the other coast making this year the year
and you across the ocean sitting quietly and hoping
and you across the other sea changing the world
and you sitting in the sunshine of summer
and you wearing your grey fingerless mitts trying to stay warm
and you doing the best you can
and you wishing for change
and you feeling lonely
and you filled with regret
and you sitting in the quiet
and you tuning out the loudness of joy around you
and you full of peace
and you, yes, you reading these words…
please join me for tea…
because you, yes, you…
you make my day
(thank you)