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it is a day...

liz lamoreux

As I sit, curled up on the sofa working, I notice the heavy, wet snow plopping onto the roof.


Earlier, I spent a few minutes outside soaking up the sight of this staple from my childhood that rarely visits here. The beauty covers the ground with all the purity that is solid white. The usually tall plants and trees bend beneath the weight of white. The birds flit seeking food that equals warmth; their feet and beaks push aside the stacked up flakes.

tree branches

It is a day to notice. A day not to let work overwhelm or the mess that is our home overwhelm or the little tugs at wishing things were sometimes different overwhelm.

maple tree

It is a day to notice the joy that is Millie's determination to sniff every inch of the backyard as she explores all this wet whiteness.

miss millie

It is a day to sit inside and drink hot cocoa and eat a cupcake and just sit in the quiet and enjoy a little break and notice. Notice feelings and quiet and me.

hot cocoa and cupcake

It is a day to curl up with a patchwork quilt and soft mary jane slipper socks and a cozy sweater; a day to notice the blessing that is being warm.

cozy snow day

It is a day to light a candle in the hope for peace and healing for so many.

It is a day to notice the blessings and the bliss.

It is a day to sit in the quiet and breathe and hope.

weight of snow

It is a day to breathe in and notice the feelings, so that when the rain comes and washes it is away, the bliss and the blessings will not be forgotten.