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a question...or two (for you)

liz lamoreux

summer at the market
(dreaming of summer at the market)

i sometimes think of questions i would like to ask you. you, the people out there who stop by and read my words and connect with me from your corner of the world.

sometimes the questions are simple like "if you had this friday night to spend all by yourself, what would you do?"
sometimes they are more along the lines of "when does your heart feel at peace? even for just a sliver of time...will you tell me about it?"
sometimes they are just little daily living things like "what is your favorite fruit/veggie juicing combination?"
sometimes they are craft+art related questions like "what's your favorite glue or thread or yarn or crochet pattern or..." and how the list goes on.

i think i am going to start a new little series of blog posts here; posts where i just throw these questions out there in the hopes that you might answer me with your wisdom. maybe you will answer in a comment or an email or even in a blog post...

today, i want to ask one of those little daily living questions.

i want to start cooking more often, but i am looking for quick, healthy meals that fall under categories like:

i probably have most of the ingredients in my cupboard or can make do with what i have
the ingredients can be purchased in a quick trip to the store
it's 4:30 pm and i just realized i need to think of something to make for dinner
this is so damn good that i want to eat it every week even if it isn't as easy as i'd like...it's worth it
one pot meals

do you have any recipes you can share (or link to) that fall into any of these categories? recipes that work for you (and your family) as you try to balance everything and still eat healthy and at home at the table...