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17 things inviting my lips to turn up a bit today

liz lamoreux

little smile

deciding to sleep for an extra hour this morning.

the sun shined for a few minutes today.

cooking lunch for myself and then not working while eating.

my boss's delightful sense of humor.

feeling cocooned by community. (thank you)

listening to the political heads talk on cnn.

wearing my new mickey sweatshirt (it is so soft).

my always straight for my whole life hair is starting to curl when i let it air dry.

the way millie followed me around all day, right by me in every single moment, until she heard the magical sound of the keys in the back door and suddenly found a new source to shadow.

singing loudly in the shower.

looking down and seeing that my AOUSs (ankles of unusual size) are normal again. (does this happen to anyone else when flying across the country? how do i prevent this?)

beginning to replace all the not so great underwear with the new favorite underwear so that each morning i put on a favorite pair instead of an "oh crap i need to do laundry" pair.

the umbrella resting against the back step that i used so that i did not have to get wet while millie did her thing in the midst of this evening's downpour. (thanks for keeping it there.)

saying no to something, even though the decision was hard, saying no.

lighting the healing candle and believing.

realizing that grey's anatomy is new.

remembering there is a frosty in the freezer (and then consuming it while watching grey's anatomy).