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liz lamoreux

holding hands on the couch
holding hands on the couch, 9.22.07

Last night, around 2 AM, I became violently ill. (That worst kind of middle of the night "I am sitting on and cannot move from the very bathroom fixture toward which I need to be facing" kind of ill.) And, my husband took care of me in all my, well, let's be honest, in all my grossness. He never once invited me to feel worse than I already did. (Thank you my dear friend.)

So today has been a day filled with:

Glasses of Powerade and meals of oyster crackers.
An episode of the "History Detectives" (during which I announced, "I think I have actually found what it is I want to do with my life").
The "Nature" episode about hippos. (Two words. Holy crappoly. They are the wackiest, coolest creatures.)
A pick-me-up first quarter of the Notre Dame football game (the rest of the game, well, the rest of the game did not so much improve my spirits, me being a ND grad and all).
Holding hands on the couch.
Taking an "I don't think I moved from this position for two hours" nap.
Adding a few more rows to the scarf I am crocheting.
Eating a dinner of rotisserie chicken, corn, and tater tots (somehow this was the combination that sounded good…perhaps because it is a bit like a Thanksgiving meal in a way, which does seem to comfort).
Lots of very kind words uttered by my husband as he basically spent the entire day taking care of me.
Spending a wee bit of time on the sewing machine doing some quick rows of patchwork.
Being very thankful that I have not experienced additional rounds of whatever got me last night (we are thinking food poisoning from the fish I had at dinner perhaps…ugh).
More holding hands on the couch.
Watching an episode of "Dr. Who" followed by an episode of (what is becoming my new favorite sci-fi show) "Torchwood." Ladies, have you seen that Captain Jack Harkness?? My oh my.

I wanted today to be filled with:

A lot of sewing in preparation for ArtFiberFest vendor night (according to Teesha's site there are a few spots left...you should come out here for it...I'd love to see you).
Walking along Ruston Way.
Eating breakfast at The Spar (when you come, I will take you to eat breakfast there…the view of The Sound is incredible).
Another two hours toward completing "The Great Cleanup/Organization of 2007."
More sewing.
Prepping my shop for the "last day of summer sale that will last the first week of autumn" I planned to begin today (it is going to have to wait until Monday I think as I another nap is probably in order right now…but this is a little teaser to say: all the purses in my shop are going on sale Monday as I want to move on to some fall items/fabrics and all that good stuff…and I think it will just be fun to have a sale every now and then...)

Even though I didn't feel up to doing all that I wanted today, sitting on the couch and holding hands was just about the most perfect way to spend the day a girl could have I think...it's kind of an unexpected gift of slowing down and remembering...

Hope you were able to slow down a bit this weekend too...