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Items said aloud (or in my head) in the last three hours

liz lamoreux

Holy crappoly1, I forgot to post my swap2!

Me: Did they blow it up on purpose?
J: (insert annoyed laughter) Honey, I've never seen this3.

Only a dog would seem like she is going to be sick but still sniff for food. (pause) Though, her nose is…nosier, so I guess I have no idea what it's like to be her.4

Even the devil will use the truth if it's convenient.5

It takes a special sense of things to be so damn funny. I love Neil.6

I have this theory that the more important and intimate the emotion, the fewer words are required to express it. For instance, in dating, "Will you go out with me?" Six words…"You matter to me." Four words. "I love you." Three words. "Marry me." Two words. But, what's left? What's the one most important and intimate word you can ever say to somebody? It's "good-bye."7

1My new favorite phrase
2Earlier this week I received my awesome swap package from Stephanie in Karen Beth's happiness swap. It deserves its own post, so please stay tuned.
3A new Babylon 5 movie came in the mail. And new means it was actually filmed recently and sent straight to video for all the fans (like my sci-fi lovin' husband…and…ahem…me).
4Well, I don't know what it is like to be her. Maybe Millie's nosier nose is part of the reason why she is the way she is.
5This is my new favorite devil quote. It was said by a character in the Babylon 5 movie. Second favorite is still, of course, Deb Talan with this line "The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirt, and it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt."
6See this.
7Said by Joe Straczynski (the creator, writer, director) during the extras for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. (Thank you for these words.)