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your true self. a meditation.

liz lamoreux

backyard buddha

Pause for a moment and take a few deep breaths.
Notice your breath until you feel as though you are only the inhalations and exhalations.

Then, find your center.
Notice it.
Let your next inhalation begin at this center.

As you breathe, describe your center to yourself. Notice where it is and what it feels connected to and from.

Imagine that this center is your true self.

Allow yourself to notice and sit with whatever comes up for you.


My center is in the middle of my chest, at the core of my heart, in between my breasts. As I breathe deeply, I feel like this center connects me to the earth and the sky to all that lives and all that has passed on before me. This center feels like my lifeline to knowledge and truth and hope and grace. My truest self lives here.

It is: My soul's home.