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the (small but important) quest continues and spending time in the goodness

liz lamoreux

a new haircut and a superb strawberry italian soda

this is the summer of my small but important quest to discover the best italian sodas in my town.

after my haircut this morning, i drove through william patrick's coffee and ordered a strawberry italian soda (with whipped cream, of course). the secret, i have discovered so far, is that the barista must stir the soda. which she did. (thank you.) starbucks did not make my day on saturday when i ordered a raspberry italian soda only to have all the syrup sit at the bottom of the cup.

my first lesson learned on the quest. i know that i must ask for them to stir it if they do not.

another treat we have been enjoying lately is vanilla ice cream with raspberries and marionberries (or any other kind) with a little chocolate syrup. our friends who moved here from indiana last month shared this treat with us friday night when we had dinner with them in their new home. spending time with them was, well, splendid really. i cannot believe that they really moved here. wow. wow. wow. it is simply fantastic. two of my favorite people in all the world.

it was a nice opposite of the previous day when the phone rang and my husband's voice said, "i am okay, but…i have been in an accident." i think i lived a short eternity between the words "but…i" i had no idea what he was going to say. this summer, he is commuting to teach at a community college and he is in rush-hour traffic on the way home. he was the third car in a three-car accident and the other cars were totaled; ours needs significant work and who knows if it might be totaled even though we can still drive it.

as i waited for him to get home, my mind raced to all the "what ifs?" and what i would do if something horrible had happened. i felt so grateful that he is okay but also felt very in touch with how easily it could have gone the other way. how the voice on the other end of the line could have been someone else letting me know that my husband had been in an accident.

since then, we have spent quite a bit of time together just enjoying the summer and one another. my favorite moments are when he sits in my little room and reads while i sew and we listen to music or this american life. in those moments, i count my blessings and own how lucky i am as I live in my little house and live my little life.

(note to self: this recent consumption of all these treats might be why those army green pants felt a bit tight earlier today. hmmm...must balance this with veggies.)