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two words {self-portrait challenge}

liz lamoreux

"street photo" may 8

In this month’s issue of Domino, there is an article about two women in BC who are image consultants who will ask you a series of questions (on the phone), then converse with one another, then call back, and tell you two words that are your style statement. They have created a creative science of sorts and have some sort of system that they use. The author writes about how these two words became guidelines for people who had paid for this service. Phrases like “Sophisticated Era” and “Classic Genuine” seemed to change the lives of these people. They went through their closets and homes and decluttered based on these words. They began to choose their clothes and sofas based on this style statements.

Separate from how one might feel about spending $500 for two people who don’t know you even a little to tell you your style statement, I am intrigued by this idea of two words that would symbolize who I am, who my heart hopes and longs to be. Two words to remind me to recognize who I am.

I have been thinking about this article quite a bit since I read it over the weekend. Not really feeling drawn to set up an appointment with these women (though knowing my style statement might be interesting), but rather just intrigued by the idea of thinking about two words that would be a personal mantra for myself. I even had a moment when I kind of put out into the universe that I was open to recognizing my two words.

Yesterday, I received an email from a blog reader who had read yesterday’s post. She explained how she could relate to parts of my story. In her note she said, “I know you are strong, a spiritual warrior.”

My two words.
Spiritual warrior.

I know there might be other words out there, other phrases that represent me…that speak to who I am. But, right now these two words vibrate within me. (Thank you for them.)

As I sift through the past and make choices about how to react to the life behind me so that I can live in this life right now, I am indeed a spiritual warrior. I fight my way through the feelings to find what is underneath. I sit in the quiet and notice. I practice so that I can be ready for the unexpected. I breathe. I breathe. I breathe. So that I can recognize. So that I will see myself. So that I will know myself.

As I chose an outfit for today, I felt like I wanted to wear a dress. It was a beautiful summer-like day here in the Puget Sound area. As I chose a sundress from my closet, I also grabbed a pair of pants to wear underneath the dress. Just in case. After all, a warrior has to be ready for battle, even in a dress.


Thank you for your comments and emails about my post yesterday. It means so much. To know I am not alone. To know you are out there reading. My heart is full with your support and kind, kind words. Thank you.


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