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29 things I have done in the last 28 hours

liz lamoreux

*watched entourage and cheered ari as he rescued lloyd
*was told by my hmo that i can’t see my doctor because the sinus infection i described didn’t sound like it had reached the bacteria stage and that even though i am flying on sunday, the consulting nurse just wants me to take sudafed (okay, she was actually quite nice but i hate having an hmo and being told that i can’t see my doctor)
*started crying because my head hurt so much from the pressure of my sinuses
*laughed and cried with dana on the phone
*laughed and cried with kelly on the phone
*was reminded by two friends and my husband that i am stronger than i realize
*appreciated my husband’s kindness in taking care of me as i am ill and overwhelmed by some things (like the last 30 years of my life)
*felt the healing power of mixing paint and stroking it across a page
*painted 12 pages of my new art journal
*laughed as i glued paper to a page ala the techniques i learned in anne bagby’s class at artfest
*had mug after mug of genmai-cha tea
*felt really happy that the pressure in my head started to decrease
*ate some spicy thai food as spicy food was one thing the consulting nurse told me would help clear my sinuses (really…do any of you have other ideas??)
*used the neti pot
*wore my hair in pig tails
*watched the movie stranded on the hallmark channel (a less disney-fied telling of the swiss family robinson story)
*blew my nose about 150 times
*edited some files
*ate a few too many mint milano cookies (but they are so good)
*(i am not proud of it) said aloud that the bird of paradise (all of them) are creepy [insert not so nice words here] (have you seen these guys? we watched them on planet earth again today…have seen them three times. they are insane those guys. so damn cool. to see them yourself, click here and scroll down to jungle: birds of paradise. then hold on tight.)
*listened to my husband tell me all the people he thinks of when he lights the healing candle…i didn’t realize that he did this…i love this
*fell in love with a tamarin
*stayed in my pajamas
*daydreamed about wanting to go on a vacation that would involve sitting and watching the ocean and whales
*checked the weather for chicago
*did some laundry
*ordered the book the dance of anger (on the recommendation of a friend. thank you for saying “did you write it down?”)
*thought about taking a nap
*kept trying to tell, speak, live the truth