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join me for tea?

liz lamoreux

pink buttons in teacup

I am sitting in my little room drinking some tea and wishing you (all of you) were here. If you were, this is what I would tell you…

I am sleepy and ready for bed. I have hit this wall with some things but know that I must just keep going. Just keep going. I am making several sets of prayer flags, some small, some larger, for the shop I hope to have ready to go in mid-april. I am also working on my website and have to say that it is harder than it seems. I need to write an “about” page. But maybe I can just have something little for now. I need someone to take pictures of me, good pictures, of me working in my little room. I want to capture creating in action. But we need some better light up here in the pacific northwest where spring gave us quite the tease yesterday as I had all my windows open and the sky was blue but today it was gray again and I could not take one decent picture. Though I tried. I went to a flea market on saturday and found vintage hankies. It was de-light-full. Jon was so great taking one trip to the car after I bought this super old fan with blue ostrich feathers. yep. Don’t think two people didn’t ask me if I was going to do a fan dance with it. Oh yes. They did. I smiled. Nope. I am gonna make some kind of art piece out of it. Me. The girl with blue wings. I love it. And I love the linens I bought along with all the gorgeous hankies. I wish we could have an afternoon of sewing and crafting and crocheting. Oh crocheting! I finished my first crocheted scarf. It is kind of my second, but the first is too short and doesn’t really look all that good. But with this second one, I got the double-crochet thing down. Makes me so happy. I will take a picture and show it off. I kind of did my own thing as I decided to create a border of double-crochet all the way around. I wasn’t sure if I could do that…but I did it all the same. My next project should probably be knitting, but I had so much fun with this that I want to crochet some more. Eventually, I want to make a blanket – a ripple blanket ala Alicia over at posie gets cozy. I think that might be my summer project. Need a yarn stash though. Was thinking that it might be fun to do some swaps for things like that and was wishing I had gotten in on the swap over at create a connection as I think it is a craft/art supply swap this month. After artfest and after my shop is up, it would be fun to do some swaps. I cannot wait until artfest. Kelly and I keep have been emailing about our panic levels. I am at about a 7.5 tonight as I did not accomplish one thing toward artfest today. Nope. I need to finish four little gifty things, get my supplies for my classes (luckily I don’t need many and mostly just need to get together what I already have in my house), and organize my trades. Not to mention, I have to decide what clothes to wear. For some reason, this is weighing on me this year. Silly. I know. I need to breathe my way into a 4 on the panic scale so I can get some sleep. One thing that is inviting me to feel super excited though is that a) Alexandra is going to stay with us tomorrow night…can’t wait to see her and laugh and laugh (and am glad she is a dear friend and won’t mind my big messiness of a house and b) tomorrow also brings the brochure for artfiberfest. I have never been but I plan to go this year. As Teesha says on her site, it is the little sister of artfest. And because I have gotten myself neck deep into the world of fiber and sewing and all this fun stuff, I can’t wait to see what workshops will be offered. I can’t wait. Thinking about all this stuff, this crafty + artsy stuff has continued to give me a break from the invited hyperventilation that is always in the back of my mind. Next month, I will head back to the Midwest for a couple of days. Again, part of the “thing I am not really blogging about that is affecting me” thing I mentioned a few weeks ago. I am overwhelmed to say the least. But a friend has reminded me to find my way to the mantra of “be present, be here” and that is helping. (thank you friend) I am trying to stay in this moment instead of fastforwarding or even rewinding for that matter. And on a funny note, as long as rottentomatoes.com doesn’t give it a major splat, Jon and I kinda want to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this weekend. Yep. I loved those guys when my brother was little and loved them and we would watch the TV show and movies together. Turtles in a half shell. Turtle power. I love those guys. This weekend, I watched the entire second season of The L Word. Crap. That is a good show. I was doing other stuff, like cutting and pasting and sewing and crocheting and stuff. It wasn’t that many hours…okay, it was. And it was g.o.o.d. Those girls are damn sexy. Oh and my moo cards came in the mail. I. love. them. They are the cutest things ever. And a perfect little business card when you don't yet have business cards! Okay, I think that’s all I have…

Now it’s your turn…how have you been?