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a little bit of this and that

liz lamoreux

i have to share how excited i am about my new monthly columns over at poetry thursday. this week, i shared some words about meditation and Natalie Goldberg and some other good stuff. this column, take a breath (write a poem), will run the second monday of each month. i plan to share meditations over there, along with some words about the connections between mindfulness and writing. as i wrote the column sunday evening, it was wonderful to remember back to my first experience reading goldberg’s work. so much good stuff there.

spring is really in full gear here. though my daffodils are not blooming for the second year in a row (bah humbug – i will plant new bulbs this fall), it is great to see the cherry trees smiling all over the place when i drive around town. and the tulip buds are coming up!

on friday, i received a wonderful surprise in the mail! jennifer of sacred cake was going through her stash of goodness and sent me some wondrous stuff (thank you girl!). so you know what this means...it’s time to indulge me and look at more photos of:


fabric from jennifer

(a closer look at the green fabric - it reminds me of people out and about in a market in paris...or perhaps seattle)

close up market fabric

trim (look at that yellow rick rack!)

all that trim

hankies (soon to be peace prayer flags)

hankies from jennifer

my favorite thing of all…

oh the pink buttons

buttons. pink buttons. that look like flowers.

there were other buttons and various other delights too…
how lucky am i? i know…i know…

and rumor has it that jennifer is going to be featured in the next issue of cloth, paper, scissors (okay, it isn’t a rumor at all…i will keep you posted on the details here). i love the way she looks at the world (this is my favorite piece of all time) and i am so excited she is getting the attention she deserves! check out her etsy shop!

i continue with the steps toward artfest and getting my little craftsy/artsy business up and running. over the weekend, jon and i started to work on my new website. i am learning (read fighting with) photoshop elements and how to create a website. so i spent a lot of saturday evening cursing and being a general grumpy-butt toward my husband. but, after i finally figured out this one little thing, i was happy as can be (and a lot nicer) and am now on my way.

oh and i am finally beginning to update my gratitude blog. i have continued to take my polaroids each day and write my gratitude list, but i have found it a bit impossible to scan the photos in each day. and because i want to post them in order, i fell behind by several weeks. i decided that this week i am going to just start posting the current ones and will catch up as i can…so stay tuned.

and one more thing…thanks for all the kind comments you leave here. you all fill my heart up. really you do.