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finding the sprinkles of joy in the midst of it all...

liz lamoreux

finding the joy

a surprise in the mail from a kind soul in ireland. (thank you to you, my very own superhero.)

receiving the journal that i purchased from carla sonheim. (and a heart-felt email conversation with her.)

conversations with kelly as we brainstorm ideas for artfest and our artful lives. (and feeling thankful for the little nudges she gives me to stop talking and just begin.)

receiving this piece of kelly's artwork that she let me put my name on prior to the girly show. (i love knowing that this piece has the energy of being in that show but that the girl found her way here to her home with me.)

spending lots of time in my little room creating. (i hope to show you some of the things that are flowing out of my head soon...for real this time.)

my first al-anon meeting. (and feeling lighter when i left; as though that was the meeting i was supposed to attend on that day.)

a trip to the senior citizen craft store on antique row in tacoma where i visited with the seniors and bought an afghan and some other fun stuff that's all made by seniors. (the afghan holds me as i work and write.)

a blue-sky day spent with my husband. (eating breakfast, walking on the beach, just being together.)

charlie the crazy spaniel who runs with a rock in his mouth, then digs and digs while yelping with joy and then stops and picks up the rock and runs some more. (we watched him for a long time this morning at the beach...just laughing with him.)

vintage buttons. (ebay, thrift stores, antique stores...oh my.)

when two friends call me at the same time when grey's anatomy ended. (knowing i am not alone in how i visit tv land and think it is real.)

finding a new little shop in our town. (and meeting a doll that was meant to be mine...pictures to come.)

diving into a delightful book. (devouring it is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.)

spending an afternoon with my accountant, my 87-year-old great aunt. (i felt deeply connected to my grandmother as i spend this time with aunt honey, who is her older sister. from the food we ate to the way we laughed...it was healing.)