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eight things (plus one) i have thought about in the last hour or so.

liz lamoreux


it rains here. sometimes it rains here a lot. (like right now as the rain is pounding the roof.)

i might have had my least stressful holiday ever this thanksgiving. (good food, great company, napping, laughter, no yelling or pouting or disappointment or...how the list goes on.)

if i spend most of a day putting together a jigsaw puzzle, i will try to finish it in my sleep. (but i won't be successful as the puzzle in my dreams looks nothing like the puzzle on my living room table.)

i do like walking in circles. (even though i took a break for a little while, i didn't forget how. well, this helps.)

i wish my friend heather lived here. i miss her terribly. (millie misses her too.) i want her to move in across the street. (or at least win the lottery so she can visit more often...or have a second house here...or something. at least we know we are going to move to the same city when we retire. we haven't lived in the same city ever really. except boarding school but we weren't really friends then so it doesn't count.)

i want to stop the need to explain or fill up empty space with explanation. (i found myself doing this in a phone conversation today. it was odd. and it left me feeling kind of odd.)

when the house is clean, i feel lighter. (and am more likely to decorate for christmas.)

i am really good at planning trips to WDW. (when you are planning your next one, we should talk. seriously. i am really really good at it.)

i am really hungry and just can't stand the thought of having more leftovers for dinner or anything containing turkey or potatoes. (pizza and beer anyone?)

plus one (because i thought about this after choosing a picture for this post):

i love it when i can smell oranges on my fingers. like i can right now. because i had an orange a bit ago. (still hungry though.)