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five {my sacred life}

liz lamoreux

november 16

on friday, we celebrated five years of marriage. it feels like a very big deal, in a very good way. as i wrote out the card i gave jon, i was thinking about how much fun we had during our wedding ceremony. yes, i said fun. about two minutes after i got to the front of the church, we looked at each other with this understanding that we were getting to the good part. i recall standing there and just soaking it all up. i wanted to remember everything. and somehow i was able to observe it all happening while being very present.

the planning of our wedding was a bit (okay more than a bit) stressful. for lots of reasons. and to get to this part, the beginning of us, was such a reward for all that stress.

so we had fun. so much fun. and we felt the love of family and friends and community. and all the special moments, the little touches that were so important to me, made a difference in making it what it was meant to be. i loved that day.

today, we are at the good part. the hard, crazy, painful, beautiful, amazing good part. the part that stretches you more than ever dreamed you could stretch. the part that forces you to look inward when you would rather look out. the part that reminds you of all that is good about love and truth. the part that has you wondering and believing. the good part. the part where you remember why you said yes to possibility and yes to hope and yes to one another. the part where you reach out your hand and know someone will be there to hold you.

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and i want to say today: thank you...all of you...for your comments and emails. your kindness fills my heart up with all that is good. bless you.