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the goodness {my sacred sunday}

liz lamoreux


there is a chair under there (and a few of these to the left, do you see them?), 11 november 2007

the goodness. i feel like i am sitting inside it. even when i hit some bumps (or hills or mountains) in my path, somewhere inside me, i am still aware of the goodness.

to be aware of the goodness through tears, that is something...a clue that things are shifting.

fabric 2

another pile, some soon to be a few of these, 11 november 2007

today, i sang and sewed for hours and hours. and i felt this goodness growing within.

i was thinking about a conversation i had last night that lasted until the first few minutes of today. i am enjoying the beginnings of a deep friendship, a soul-full friendship, with a beautiful kindred spirit. and, i was thinking about how conversations where you can just spill it, your truth, and share yourself without any worry of judgement are true blessings. these are moments to be tucked in the pocket of your heart. moments you can turn to when you are faced with one of those bumps in the road so that you remember who you are in the midst of something that might be inviting you to forget.

and then i was singing these words*:

I won’t hold anything back
And I won’t hold anything in...

...I’m still
Willing to begin

and then i was thinking about this, about truths and laughter and ideas shared, about letting go of assumptions and past disappointments and embracing a new path, and i found myself taking a deep breath, a contented sigh even...and i wanted to capture that feeling...that blissful feeling of beginning and action and love and truth that is growing inside me...so i took a picture so you could see how it looks on me...


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*words from mandy moore's song "most of me"